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For nearly two decades radio personality, producer and coach, MalaniKai​, has dedicated her life to basketball, mentoring and daring to speak her mind. MalaniKai works tirelessly to help cultivate future leaders both on and off the court, and strives just as hard to stimulate multicultural audiences who appreciate and understand her no­-nonsense, sometimes politically incorrect views on life. Her message of determination, self­reliance, and personal responsibility resonates whether she’s training young people or engaging with her radio audience.

 “I’ve done it all,” says MalaniKai​. “I went from morning show co-­host at a soft rock station to host and producer at a gospel station. I’ve been a reporter, sports analyst, news anchor and even worked the boards. I found my passion the day I became a talk show host.” She continues, “Although it can be challenging to debate with callers who don’t agree with my opinion, the reward comes when I am able to sway their opinions or – every now and then – my audience and guests are able to help me to evolve.” 

MalaniKai ​approaches life like a championship basketball game. She stays focused on winning, even if she’s coming from behind. For example, despite the fact that girls basketball wasn’t mainstream back when she was playing, MalaniKai holds her high school record as all-­time leading scorer in basketball and secured a full Division I basketball scholarship to Syracuse University. She eventually transferred and played for St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ  and also holds a degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg. VA.

As one of the first women head coaches of a boy’s prep team, MalaniKai​ had to struggle for acceptance. In true form, the middle child and confessed overachiever racked up wins across the country resulting in 90 percent of her players receiving full scholarships to college. 

Over the years the PK (preacher’s kid) has remained grounded in faith and stays motivated by a work ethic instilled by her parents who founded and run Redemption Christian Academy, one of four remaining historically African-American boarding schools in the country.

“More important than winning, I teach my players to build good character and to give 110 percent in every aspect of life,” says MalaniKai​. “I’ve tried to impart that same message to my radio audiences over the years. My parents, Rev. John Massey, Jr., Mrs. Joan E. Massey, taught me through their example that I can do anything if I work hard enough. I am determined to follow in their footsteps,” she adds. 

MalaniKai also works as a movie and television background extra. Her recent projects include, The Walking Dead (AMC), Dynasty (CW), Star (Fox), Sleepy Hollow (Fox), Fatal Attraction (TVOne), Girls Trip (Universal Pictures), Greenleaf (Own), Spider-Man Homecoming (Columbia Pictures) and more.


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